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Operated by National Highway Authority of India, fastag is the ultimate solution for you to stop waiting and wasting fuel at toll plazas. Using the mobile app of Fast tag, you can make toll payments in no time.Trusted as an electronic toll collection system, fasttag leverages advanced technologies to make e toll payments convenient and completely secure. Its Radio Frequency Identification or RFID technology directly connects your app with toll plaza. With that, the payments are directly deducted from your linked savings account. As you can install the tag on your windscreen, there is no need to stop at any toll plaza. The transaction happens automatically.Purchasing a tag is also not difficult at all. You can simply get it from one of the official fast tag issuers or contact a bank service that is participating in Fast tag services. The validity period of every tag is unlimited, so you don’t have to worry in that department as well. Plus, you can also get 5% cashback by indulging in the promotion of the tag.

Online E Tag

Apart from the mobile app for the tag, you also have the opportunity to leverage fastag online. The online tag offers all the benefits of paying toll whenever traveling by road. Currently, operational at more than 350 toll plazas all over the country, the service is available at all the major state and national highways. So, you can plan your trips and save time and fuel at toll plazas now. All it takes is just a few clicks and order etag online. As more and more highway toll plazas are becoming a part of Fast Tag, it will make your trips much more comfortable in future.

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So, you can become a smart toll payer with the online toll tax payment method. The automation of the process is perfect for your busy life and the need to have a comfortable ride on highways. Plus, you get the ability to receive SMS alerts regarding the transactions. And those transactions require a linked bank account or prepaid system only. You can recharge online whenever convenient. Get one tag today!

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